Myanmar Risk Solution provides high quality insurance,financial and investment consultation services to individuals, both domestic and international companies.


We are independent professionals. We have experience and judgment to support as your personal insurance/financial advisors. The first and only responsibility is to serve your interests, so it’s advice you can trust.


We have a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of insurance and other financial aspects. We know how to ensure that you must meet all applicable insurance products you might need. We are experts at risk assessment and properly protect you and your family’s interests with respect to Auto, Home and Life insurance coverage.


It doesn’t cost you any extra to use our services. We are paid a commission by insurance companies they place your business with there is no financial incentive for us to pick one over another.


We will be among the first to respond to your needs in the event of a catastrophe in your community. The best Insurance business service is not when insurance is sold it is the service when the insurance claim occurs.


We work to a principle of utmost good faith we put your interests first, before those of the insurance companies we deal with. Buying from us mean you can buy with confidence knowing that the recommended coverage is right for your particular needs. Our advice is independent of any insurance company, so our recommendations are always in your best interests.


If you have to make a claim, we will ensure that you receive fair and prompt payment, to get you back to normal. In the event of a dispute, we will act as your advocate with the insurance company. Experience has shown that our knowledge and contacts can often help settle a disputed claim.

We are a group of professionals dedicated to provide the best service to our clients. We have international experienced insurance professionals, investment and financial consultants working together in our teams. Together with an affiliated group of independent professionals, Myanmar risk solution offers a wide range of insurance, financial and investment services to individuals, both Myanmar entrepreneurs and international firms seeking to take advantage of the new opportunities in the country. As an independent advisory firm with the combine strength of several professionals groups, we can deliver a customized service for all your business needs.