Myanmar Risk Solution

Insurance Services

Let us assist you with your personal and business insurance needs. Do not waste your time searching for insurance coverage: we can do it for you. Myanmar Risk Solution Insurance Protection Services is a team of independent insurance sales agents with a vast experience and knowledge of the insurance market in Myanmar. These days there are many different ways to buy insurance, but there are good reasons to consider using intermediaries who have expertise to help you make the best-informed decisions. We act as your personal advisor on insurance matters we work for you, not the insurance company, to make sure your family; your possessions and your business are properly protected. If you have the misfortune of a loss we will guide you through the claims process, helping to ensure a swift and fair settlement by your insurance company, to get you back to where you were before disaster struck. Insurance industry in Myanmar offers the same products with the same premium but the only difference is the service we provide to our clients. We are dealing with insurance companies on your behalf and we are the specialist on dealing with insurance companies. We will discuss with insurance companies on your behalf. If you need to make a claim on your policy, we will assist you through the process and will liaise with the insurer on your behalf. Our friendly, experienced and professional insurance agents are committed to helping protect you, your family and your assets. Some insurance policies can be complicated, and our insurance agents can help you understand the details of a policy and also work out what level of cover you need, so that you can make sure you are properly protected. We will explain your policy to you and advise you if there are any special situations you need to know about. We receive a commission from the insurance company so you don’t need to pay any and use our knowledge, expertise and services. You can deal directly with insurance companies yourself but when claims occur, no one would stand on your behalf, if you deal with us we will assist on you. We are working for you and not to insurance companies.

In the event of a claim, we will guide you through the settlement process.

Financial Services

Company Structure

The structure of a company is an important decision to be taken; it is vital to give your company a framework that allows it to grow over time. Structuring a good company will give partners, investors and employees greater clarity, help manage expectations, enable better decision-making and provide essential consistency.

Financial Structure

The financial structure is a key element in a firm’s business strategy. It has an important influence in investment decision-making.

Company/Business Valuation


What is your company worth as a stand-alone business? As business owners you should know how much your company is worth as a stand-alone business. “Value” is an expression of the worth of something. Private companies seldom understand what their company is worth or clearly see what drives its value. The valuation process always has two sides -- the buyers and the sellers: both are acting in their own interests. Buyers want to pay less and sellers want to earn more. It does not matter whether you are a buyer or seller; we are on your side, and will represent your interests accordingly. We will act in the best interest of your business.

Financial statement analysis

Financial statement analysis:is a key step in making business decisions. All businesspeople must make decisions: Decision-making involves the critical evaluation and analysis of information at hand; and we are ready to assist you in this decision-making process.

IPO Preparation

Taking your company public is a key stage in the growth and development of a business. There are significant legal and regulatory issues involved in the IPO process, along with the need for accounting disclosure and good corporate governance. [We can provide strategic planning and a cost-effective way for your company to go public.] The IPO process officially begins with what is generally called an "all-hands" meeting. This is a time consuming for most businesspeople and companies. We can provide the necessary strategic planning and a cost-effective way for your company to go public. Prospectus Preparation: When a company is offered to the “public” (which includes an IPO) a prospectus must be prepared and registered. The most important and time-consuming task facing the IPO team is the development of the prospectus, a business document that basically serves as an information brochure on the company. Myanmar Risk Solution can prepare your company prospectus, and will assist you going public.

Accounting Services

Keeping preparing the accounts and balance sheets, auditing your company accounts, preparing financial statement and projections requires experienced accountants. Our local accounting teams are dedicated to helping you comply with all local reporting requirements. We also offer a wide range of accounting-related services to help improve your company accounting systems. Myanmar Risk Solution accounting team is able to act as an extension of your finance department.
We also offer a range of supporting services such as:

  • Staff placement – short or long term resource issues can be alleviated by utilizing our workforce.
  • In-house training – we can assist in training your staff on local regulatory issues and any subsequent significant changes in the accounting landscape.
  • Ad-hoc project support – we are experienced in a broad range of areas, such as reorganizing accounting systems, expense reporting and establishing accounting control procedures.

Reporting Services

We can help your businesses become and remain compliant with Myanmar’s accounting laws and policies. Legislation and regulations can differ hugely across borders. Using our experts, you can stay on top of the regulatory changes, which offer access to a team of qualified accountants who will strive to understand your business and its needs.
We follow a unique business model that allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. Our local reporting systems combined with our talented local teams allows for:

  • The preparation of reports in keeping with local Myanmar Accounting Standards and IFRS.
  • The creation and submission of annual financial statements.
  • Tailored management reports.
  • Consolidated reporting at any required frequency, with accompanying reconciliation between statutory and management reports.

Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis so you can focus on your other business needs.

Our firm provides a full range of cost effective accounting services including the following:

  • General ledger & financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)
  • Setting up an accounting system for new businesses
  • Preparation of Company tax returns
  • Personal financial statements